Pokemon Trading Card Game coming to iPad (UPDATE: It’s out now!)

Saqib Shah
September 30, 2014

Original story (published: 18 August): Pokemon is set to make its first appearance on Apple iOS in the form of the Pokemon Trading Card Game for iPad.

Although fans may be disappointed to learn that an actual Pokemon port hasn’t made it on to mobile devices, this could potentially lead to that cataclysmic event actually occurring.

Pokemon TCG 2

Already available on Windows PC and Mac, the Pokemon Trading Card Game sees players pit their Pokemon against each other to win collectible cards. Consequently it’s in the vein of other card-battling games, such as the recent smash hit; Hearthstone.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game harks back to the origins of Pokemon as a traditional card game.

The news was originally announced by Pokémon acolyte Josh Wittenkeller via Twitter.

Unfortunately, there’s still no info on when it will arrive on iPads as The Pokemon Company did little else than confirm its intention to port the title.

Anyone out there who thinks this is a sign that Nintendo is making the leap to mobile devices should restrain their excitement. Even though The Pokemon Company is a subsidiary of the Japanese gaming giant, Nintendo has explicitly stated – time and again – that it wants nothing to do with mobile ports of its properties.

Then again, if this is a huge success like Hearthstone, who knows!

UPDATE: Following a soft launch in Canada, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is now available in the UK from the Apple iOS App Store.

As mentioned in the original story above, the game is only compatible with Apple iPads and not iPhones. Those in possession of the original PC version will be happy to learn that they can transfer their data (and cards) on to the mobile port, and vice versa.

As a reminder, the game offers multiplayer action, customisation options and a tournament mode. Check out a brand spanking new trailer for the iPad version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game below:

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