Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

Thomas Wellburn
December 3, 2015



Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: Nintendo

Where to Buy: In-Store

Price: £34.99




Pokémon is back again bringing that classic RPG formula to our portable screens.

What’s change you may ask? Not much as we see another remake of a beloved Pokémon title. Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby were released back in 2002, introducing us to the Hoenn region and it’s new Pokémon. Depending on which title you choose, you will face different adversaries. Alpha Sapphire has Team Aqua going all old testament on everyone, trying to flood the world to cleanse it. Omega Ruby are stuck withTeam Magma who simply just want to burn everything.

What has changed is the graphics, both titles run on the Pokémon X & Y engine to bring life and beauty into the Hoenn region. Random battles aren’t so bad now with the new look, but still they do get quite cumbersome after a while. An even bigger burden is the need for HM moves, a flaw in Sapphire and Ruby highlighted all those years ago, but alas has not been addressed. There are six HM moves whereas X & Y had an improved 5 (X & Y is also better balanced). HM moves are required to access certain areas of the game, so this means having a Zigzagoon HM slave occupying your sixth slot.

Secret bases make a return, allowing you to smash open a cave and create your very own hideout. You can customise it Animal Crossing style with furniture and truly make it your own. Want to be a gym leader? Customise your hideout to look like one and battle your friends for bragging rights. Once you beat them down and make them your cronies, you can then share your hideout for people to check out, via QR code.


More great features from X & Y are present here, our favourite being DexNav a tool that displays all the Pokémon you’ve already caught in a certain route. Once you do “catch ’em all” a crown appears to notify you that you’ve caught all the possible wild Pokémon in the area. An excellent feature for those who intend on playing after the main adventure, and to “catch ’em all.” The DexNav is also a scanner, every once in a while a Pokémon will appear physically and you can sneak up on it. The scanner will identify levels and hidden move sets that you may desire, before provoking it.

That’s not the only extra goody to keep you playing, after defeating the Elite 4 an extra side story called Delta Episode unlocks. Delta Episode links the story to X & Y somewhat and more back story on mega evolutions. Delta Episode is definitely worth playing as you’ll get to catch the legendary Deoxys, who proved to be an immense challenge, one maybe worthy of that one Master Ball you have.

Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby is one for nostalgia and for those who desire to fully complete their Pokédex with Pokemon from the Hoenn region. With modern features implemented the gameplay is much improved, but the original DNA of the game remains the same.

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