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Jamie Feltham
December 12, 2013

Sony’s PlayStation Store hit Amazon in the US a month back, but the service is only reaching the UK now.

You can now buy PlayStation Store codes direct from the retailer, giving you access to games and DLC. There’s also instant Store top-up cards, which are probably a good Christmas present idea for those in need.

Right now the selection of content isn’t anywhere near what you’ll find on the original PlayStation Store. There are a handful of PS3 and Vita games to download, including hits like Journey, but no full-scale games for either system and nothing to be seen on PS4. The prices are equal to that of the official Store too. We guess that makes sense, even if it would be nice to get some titles for less.

Hopefully Amazon’s offerings will grow over time and give you a reason to visit this store over Sony’s one.

Source: Amazon

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