PlayStation Now available to all PlayStation 4 owners

Alex Yau
July 16, 2015

PlayStation Now, a video game streaming service, is now available to all PlayStation 4 owners in the UK as an open beta.

This is the first time the service, which allows you to stream and play selected PlayStation 3 games, is available to all UK PlayStation 4 owners. It has previously only been accessible as a limited closed beta.

A PS4 or recent Sony TV or Blu-ray player, a good internet connection and a Dualshock 3/4 controller are the only items you need to access the service.

Playstation Now pricing

It will cost you to use the service. There’s a 2-day rental package or a 30-day one that costs between £2.99 and £7.99. Sony has rolled out an all-out-can-eat subscription in the US, but that isn’t available in the UK. The Japanese tech giant says that will come ‘later in the summer’ alongside support for the PS Vita and PS TV. Games you can play include Mirror’s Edge and Bioshock Infinite.

The service allows users to stream 720p gameplay in real-tine over a 5mb connection without any stutter or lag.



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