PlayStation 4 to sync with iOS and Android for second screen playing

Alex Walls
February 21, 2013

The PlayStation 4 has been announced and it will come with an option to sync with iOS and Android devices, effectively introducing a second screen.

This will allow second screen playing so users can see maps on one screen while playing the game on their television, buy games while out for immediate download to their home console (very dangerous) or remotely watch other gamers playing on the second screen, Sony said.

This will be enabled by an app called PlayStation App (no points for creativity) which will allow iPhone, iPad and Android based smartphones and tablets to become second screens.  Given Windows Phone owners probably own Xboxes, the exclusion of a Windows Phone 8 version of the app may not be too surprising.

When? Where? How, I ask you?!

What Mobile asked Sony just when this would be available (the PS4 itself is coming in the “holiday season”, and a Sony representative said in the United States this generally meant towards the end of the year) and where, and whether the app would have any kind of restrictions, for instance requiring the latest version of the given operating system.  Also, for the cross platformers, whether a Windows Phone 8 app would be released as well.

The Sony rep said these details would be announced in the near future.

Another question to be answered is why the move.

It’s also interesting to see rival devices drawn into the fold, considering PlayStation Mobile has so far only been available to select Android devices (namely Sony and HTC handsets).

All things PlayStation

In its announcement, PlayStation Four lead system architect Mark Cerny said the team wanted to be sure the console provided easy access to everything the platform had to offer across the console and mobile spaces, as well as the PlayStation Network.

Game streaming company Gaikai Inc chief executive David Perry said Sony Computer Entertainment long-term goal was to make almost every title playable on the PlayStation Vita by using remote play over WiFi.

Gaikai’s cloud tech would be utilised in the future to allow PlayStation Store shoppers to immediately play a section of a game they’re interested in – not just a lite version – and Sony Computer Entertainment were looking to make the PlayStation libraries, with more than 3000 PlayStation 3 titles “mostly ubiquitous” on the PS4.  I didn’t know you could qualify ‘ubiquitous’ but I likes me the idea of cloud hosted games.

Some development studios confirmed to be working on PS4 titles are Guerrilla Games with Kill Zone: Shadow Fall confirmed, Sucker Punch Productions with InFamous: Second Son confirmed for the PS4, and Evolution Studios with Drive Club confirmed for the PS4.

Diablo III woud  be adapted for the PS4 and Bungie’s new game Destiny was set for the new console also.

Them specs:

PS4 specs



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