Picsel Smart Office offers best-in-class document editing

Jonathan Morris
November 30, 2010

Picsel UK’s Smart Office brings ‘best-in-class’ document viewing and editing to Android, iPad, iPhone and bada OS users.

Smart Office offers rich viewing and editing of documents with an accurate content layout, so everything from fonts and graphic, to headers and footers, are replicated accurately. For easier editing, the Reflow mode allows the content to fit to the width of the smartphone, without affecting the overall layout when saved or exported.

New features include 3D Stereo View (documents displayed in stereoscopic 3D, with anaglyph glasses), Page Flow (showing a carousel-style interface with a thumbnail of each page) and Visual Scrapbook (easily drag and drop content from one document to another via a virtual scrapbook).

The application also includes contextual toolbars, one-click switching between editing and viewing, plus a simple editing environment that makes editing documents on a mobile easy.

Picsel Smart Office is available now for iPad & iPhone, Android and bada OS from their respective application stores for £5.99.

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