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January 7, 2009

Normally we wouldn’t give a company such a blatant promotion, but we think it’s a good cause. With so many handsets being ditched long before their time, any company encouraging their re-use deserves a bit of positive publicity. It’s not as if any network operator or high street retailer is going to be actively encouraging the re-use of an old handset over the sale of a new one!

Purple Gossip isn’t the first company to offer second hand handsets for sale, but many sites have disappeared in the past (including one of our favourites, That does mean this site is going to have its work cut out to succeed, as it’s pretty clear that most people still want the latest technology – even if a top-end handset from a year ago is arguably better than a basic model from today. It’s not as if a phone has a ‘new car’ smell either!

Phones can be purchased for as little as £10 from the site and accessories cost peanuts.

Check the site out and you may well find yourself a nice surprise, although we think the company was perhaps being a little optimistic by creating a section for the iPhone!

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