Orange revises mobile broadband tariffs

Jonathan Morris
August 12, 2011

Orange has come up with a new range of mobile broadband price plans, as well as launching a new mobile Wi-Fi device.

The new plans range from offering 500MB per month, to 3GB per month with unlimited Wi-Fi. Prices start at £10 per month for non-Orange customers and £5 per month for anyone with another Orange subscription (home broadband or mobile).

The unlimited Wi-Fi service allows access to over 200,000 BT hotspots around the UK.

Orange has also announced the E5830C Mobile Wi-Fi device, supporting up to five simultaneous connections and five hours of battery life. The portable device weighs 90g and has a microSDHC slot to share files with each connected device.

The E5830C will be available in the coming weeks, with prices ranging from £20 to £60 depending on the mobile broadband tariff chosen below.

The new Orange Mobile Broadband tariffs:

Plan Inclusive allowance Price per month
Small 500MB £10 (£5 for existing Orange customers)
Medium 1GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi £15 (£10 Orange customers)
Large 3GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi £30 (£25 Orange customers)

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