Orange gets smart with Android homescreens

Jonathan Morris
February 14, 2011

Orange’s Group Devices R&D team has developed enhancements to its Orange Homescreen for Android, introducing new gesture controls and smart Live Wallpapers.

The updated Orange Homescreen features, exclusive to Android Signature smartphones released later in the year, integrate application functionality into the wallpaper.

Six ‘smart’ Live Wallpapers will be launched in 2011.

Orange Gesture control

Orange Gestures provide 27 designs that can be drawn on the screen to perform an action, or load a specific app. This might include making a call to a speed dial, sending a text to someone or loading Google Maps.

Orange smart live wallpapers

The first Live Wallpaper will display a photo realistic candle that burns down as the battery is depleted. Five more will be released during 2011 as the roll-out of handsets continue.

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