Orange enhances prepay tariffs with better top-up rewards

Jonathan Morris
September 3, 2010

Orange has enhanced its Pay As You Go animal tariffs with better top-up rewards.

It’s now possible for Monkey customers to get rewards for just topping up £5 in a month. Camel customers can get free international calling minutes when topping up £10, while Racoon now offers a new 12p per minute call rate.

The details provided by Orange break down the changes by animal (tariff):


Monkey is still the plan tailored to young music lovers. Now though, for the first time, Monkey customers will be rewarded for topping up by as little as £5 a month. As well as access to thousands of free music tracks either online or via their mobile phone, Monkey customers will now be given free texts and a daily internet pass** when they top up by £5.


Canary is still perfect for people who love to chat, with its free evening and weekend calls. However, now Canary comes with additional free evening and weekend texts and photo messages.

Specifically, when topping up £10 per month, Canary customers will now receive 100 free evening and weekend texts or photo messages – as well as the existing 100 free evening and weekend calls as part of their rewards package.


Designed for people who like to keep things simple, the Racoon package has been updated to offer Orange’s lowest flat rate deal at just 12p per minute – no matter how much you top up.


Now, Camel PAYG customers will receive free international minutes just for topping up – ideal for people who make a lot of international calls such as those with families or friends abroad. Customers will now receive up to 240 international minutes to over 50 countries for free if they top up by £30. In addition, due to the popular demand for international minutes, there is now a Camel plan available for Pay Monthly customers (for a two month introductory trial).

Additional value from the Extras

In addition to these new and improved top-up rewards, Orange recently launched a monthly bundle designed to allow customers to get even better value from their plans. For just £5 of credit per month, Monkey and Dolphin PAYG customers can purchase an Unlimited Text Extra bundle to message friends and family in the UK.

  • Free text messages apply to UK texts only
  • Free internet is UK only and subject to a 100MB cap
  • On Monkey deals, free music access online is unlimited. Free music access on your mobile phone is subject to 600 minutes per month cap
  • Free minutes are to UK numbers only
  • International calls are calls made from an Orange mobile to mobiles and landlines in countries listed at
  • The one day internet pass for Monkey customers who top up by more than £5 per month is capped at 2MB per day
  • Previous fixed rate calls on Racoon packages are 15p / minute
  • Unlimited Text Extra is subject to fair use policy of 3000 texts per month
  • Customers should refer to the full terms and conditions for further information on each package when switching. For more details on call costs and other information, visit
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