Opera launches Opera Mini 5 beta for Android

Jonathan Morris
March 11, 2010

The beta release of Opera Mini 5 is an incredibly stable release, calling upon the core engine that has already been rolled out to other platforms, including Java, Symbian and BlackBerry OS.

Users of Opera for PC and Mac will instantly benefit from the support of Opera Link (synchronising all of your bookmarks from other Opera installations) and Speed Dial (instant access to nine favourite web pages).

However, the biggest benefit is the reduction in data usage. Pages are served through Opera’s own server that compresses and reformats pages to fit the small screen, increasing the speed at the same time – a real bonus given that the networks are under ever increasing pressure as more people get smartphones connected to the net 24/7.

Opera claims that web pages can be compressed by almost 90%.

The browser also offers a choice of page view (web or formatted for mobile), full screen, variable image quality (to further reduce data usage), tabbed browsing and secure password storage.

Opera Mini 5 can be downloaded from Android Market now.

More info: Opera website (opening from your Android phone will go to a download link automatically)


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