OnePlus confirms release of new flagship smartphone next year

Saqib Shah
September 30, 2014

OnePlus had the tech world in a frenzy earlier this year when it unveiled its first smartphone; the OnePlus One.

The superior specs on the device looked even better next to its awesome £229 price tag. If you liked the OnePlus One, you’ll be happy to learn that a follow-up will be released next year.

Two of the makers of the device nicknamed the flagship killer, revealed that its next iteration – the OnePlus 2, will launch in Q2 2015. That means it will arrive between April and September.

The bombshell was dropped during a Reddit AMA by Carl and David from OnePlus. Information regarding the specs of the new handset was scarce, although they did state that the OnePlus 2 will possibly be smaller and will inevitably roll out with Google’s updated OS; Android L.

The original OnePlus one is itself an impressive handset and comes with a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, a 5.5-inch full HD screen, a 13MP rear-caner and a solid 5MP front-facing camera. All that at a game-changing £229.

OnePlus One

OnePlus One

Therefore, if the OnePlus Two can improve upon those specs and keep the price tag relatively the same then we can assume that the hype for the new handset will reach the same heights. The prospect of it running on Android L is awfully exciting too.

Now that OnePlus plans to scrap its invite-only purchase scheme for the OnePlus One in order to make way for online orders, chances are the next device will also benefit from the easier payment options.

The company did suffer from a small hiccup when it encountered shipping difficulties for the first batch of One devices earlier this year. Not to mention its recent cock-up of its online promo campaign for the handset.

Nonetheless, we’ll be marking the dates for the OnePlus 2 launch on our calendar and we’d advise you do the same.

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