OnePlus 2 images leak, but they aren’t what they seem

Alex Yau
June 30, 2015

The OnePlus 2’s front and rear have allegedly been leaked in two photographs. Don’t get too excited just yet, however.  

These images (below) aren’t all they appear to be, however. Both images are very blurry and look like they’re computer renderings, which makes us skeptical about their authenticity. There’s also the likelihood that they’re both actually real, but very poor quality images. Best not to take these images too seriously for now.


‘OnePlus 2’

If they are real images, 2 will look quite similar to the One. The back, however, has a metal strip underneath the camera, whilst there’s a spot at the bottom for the now confirmed fingerprint sensor, which is apparently twice as fast as the iPhone 6’s.

OnePlus 2 launch date

The 2 will officially be unveiled on July 27, so we should get a much better look at the handset then.

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