OnePlus 2 guaranteed to cost under $450

Thomas Wellburn
July 9, 2015

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has taken to Twitter to address pricing concerns over the OnePlus 2 device, assuring fans that it will still be a very cheap device.

Another day, another OnePlus announcement. This new reveal comes directly from OnePlus them self, who has responded to various questions regarding pricing estimates. With many people believing the device would retail for over $500, CEO Pete Lau took to Twitter and assured people the device would be less than $450. This equates to roughly £292 here in the UK, which would likely be rounded up to £300.

This is the first time OnePlus has addressed the topic of pricing and it’s nice to hear that the company are trying their best to keep it competitive. The Original OnePlus One cost £229 for the 16GB model but didn’t have many of the cutting-edge features found in it’s upcoming replacement. That said, it was still dubbed the ‘2014 flagship killer’ and managed to undercut similar specced devices such as the Galaxy S6 Edge by over half the price. At £300, the OnePlus 2 looks set to continue this trend.

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