One million GB data plan launched by EE, costs eight times that

Jamie Feltham
November 7, 2013

You’ve heard of the megabyte, you’ve dealt in the gigabyte and dreamed of the terabyte. But have you ever heard of a petabyte? It translates roughly to about one million GB. In terms of mobile phone data, that would let you stream an HD movie, oh, about 13 years or so. Who could need that much data? EE thinks businesses do.

The 4G specialist has launched new business-focused bundles that offer ridiculous amounts of data. Starting at 50TB (around 50,000GB), and moving up to 100TB, 200TB, 500TB and the fabled 1PB. EE says that the deals could cost around £8 per GB. So if we just add this up on our fingers€¦ yep, that’s £8 million for the top bundle. Wow.

That said, EE will work with every firm take advantage of the bundles, so the final prices could likely be different. Think of this more as a very, very expensive guideline. Although the company reckons this move could save broadcasters and the like millions.

The plans can be shared across 2,500 SIMs, so they’d be distributed to employees in this way. Of course, if you’ve just got too much cash on your hands and don’t want to worry about top ups and limits ever again, you can get in touch with EE.

Source: Telegraph

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