Onavo opens up beta-testing programme for Android

Jonathan Morris
June 23, 2011

The Onavo service for iPhone users, that can drastically cut mobile data charges, is coming to Android. 500 users keen to cut their bills, especially when roaming, are invited to apply to become beta testers for the forthcoming app.

As we reported at the end of April, the service works by routing your standard Internet connection through Onavo’s proxy server, which compresses and reformats data to reduce sizes and speed up delivery.

Onavo works on more than just the web. It can work with all apps, cutting data usage by removing wasteful and redundant code wherever possible using special, and secret, algorithms developed by the company. The app can also cache data locally to further reduce data usage, and load content only as required – so you don’t download what you don’t view.

The company said today:

“Ever since launching Onavo two months ago, we’ve received a lot of requests from our Android fans to bring Onavo to the Google platform, and today, we’re taking a step forward in our Android efforts – and we’re super excited about it! Our Android version will boast some new features, and much like the iPhone version – all focus on saving money on data usage.”

Director of Marketing Dvir Reznik told What Mobile: “The Android app will not use the exact same method of operation as the iPhone version. The challenges on Android are different, so our approach will be too.”

Onavo is also offering some goodies, like T-shirts and luggage tags for the people who agree to give up their time to test the service and give vital feedback ahead of the release of the final version.

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