O2’s 4G network finally hits new iPhones today

Jamie Feltham
September 30, 2013

Until now, O2’s super-speedy 4G network has been unavailable to iPhone 5s and 5c users, who will have been clamouring for an update for over a week now.

Said update has finally arrived, officially allowing O2’s 4G on Apple’s new devices. Its banging at your virtual door, you just need to let it in either by connecting your phone to Wi-Fi and updating its carrier settings, or connecting to iTunes. More detailed instructions, should you need them, can be found here. To kiss and make up, O2 are offering £5 off your initial 4G bill.

You will of course actually to live in one of O2’s 4G-covered cities for connectivity to work. Right now that’s limited to London, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Sheffield, and Nottingham, though expect coverage to come to Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh by year’s end.

Source: CNET

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