Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 phone video leaked

Jonathan Morris
July 19, 2011

Nokia’s very first Windows Phone 7 device, based on the design of the recently announced Nokia N9, has been leaked in a video that shows off its design, screen and camera.

The video also confirms that the handset does include the standard Windows Phone keys that were seemingly missing on the original ‘leaked’ photos.

It also shows the latest version of the OS, Mango, which includes a host of new features and improvements. This version of the OS will be rolled out to all existing Windows Phone 7 devices later in the year.

Last month, Nokia stated that the UK will be the first country to sell its first Windows Phone device when it goes on sale before Christmas.

Do you think this phone could be the start of a range of devices to get Nokia back on track? Let us know what you think below or on our forum.

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