Nokia’s Android phone could be unveiled within the month

Callum Tennent
February 11, 2014

Reports are suggesting that Nokia will unveil their brand new Android-powered smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.

Currently known as ‘Normandy’, but expected to be named the Nokia X upon launch, Nokia’s first Android phone will use a modified ‘forked’ version of Google’s popular OS. Previous Nokia smartphones have all run Windows.

Despite this transition to Android, the Normandy will not feature the Google Play store, meaning Nokia will be focusing on ported apps. Leaked screenshots (shown below) show a remarkably Windows-esque UI despite the new platform, with standard apps like Skype, Twitter, Facebook and Vine all installed.


Aesthetically we currently only have two shots to mull over – one from the front-on (as seen in the header of this article) and one from a rear-isometric view (below). Rather unsurprisingly, it seems to look an awful lot like previous Nokia smartphones.

We know that the specs will also be in keeping with Nokia’s past efforts. 4GB of in-built memory and 512MB of RAM would strongly hint at another low-cost effort.

The Nokia event at MWC takes place on the 24th of February, so all shall be revealed in 13 days time.


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