Nokia Windows RT tab not cancelled? Shows up in testing

Jordan O'Brien
July 31, 2013

Nokia may not have abandoned its RT-based efforts after all, with a Nokia model RX-114 showing up in GFXBench’s test log — could this be a Nokia Windows RT tab?

We have heard a similar model number before, the RX-108, but that was all the way back in February.

More recently we had heard from sources that Nokia was concentrating on a full version Windows 8 tablet rather than a stripped down RT-based one.

According to the benchmark, the tablet will feature an Adreno 330 GUP and a quad-core SoC, which means that it’s probably a Snapdragon 800 under the hood.

The fact that it is a Snapdragon 800 would mean that this isn’t a full Windows 8 tablet, as it’s an arm-based processor.

As for screen size, well that remains a mystery, but the resolution is said to be 1371 x 771.

Could this be real? Could Nokia be on the verge of releasing a Windows RT tablet? Well, we wouldn’t go so far as to say this is factual yet.

The fact that it showed up in a benchmark database doesn’t mean anything, as these details can easily be faked.

Source: GFXBench  via WMPU

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