Nokia users beware of the ‘Curse of Silence’

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January 2, 2009

MillhouseVH posts;

Just a heads up really – a bug in S60 versions prior to v3.2 (ie. before S60 v3 FP2) allows a specially crafted (and it doesn’t take much effort to craft it!) SMS message to render the receiving phone incapable of receiving further SMS messages and in need of a factory reset to recover.

The bug doesn’t affect S60 v3 FP2 phones (N85, N96 etc.) but does affect all earlier phones including N95 8GB (as this is S60 v3 FP1).

You just know some sad sack is going to have a lot of fun at peoples expense. Backup your Nokia S60 phones now would be my advice!

Note that backing up your phone using PC Suite after it has been attacked by the “Curse of Silence” will backup the attack messages rendering your phones SMS capability inoperative again when you restore the backup after the factory reset (*#7370#).

The Register
Advisory with all the technical details

Is it wrong to post this video? We took the decision to do so as it is freely available on the net, and so it’s a trade off between encouraging people to do it  – and making people aware of the fault to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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