Nokia unveils Lumia 625, most affordable 4G Lumia

Jordan O'Brien
July 23, 2013

We speculated yesterday that Nokia was prepared to bring a phablet to market, and it seems that we were right — with the announcement of the Lumia 625, which features a 4.7-inch WVGA display.

Whilst this was expected, we can’t help but feel a little disappointed about the low resolution screen, but it does have a redeeming point by being the cheapest Lumia to also feature 4G LTE.

At £200 the Lumia 625 places itself slap bang in the middle of the Lumia range, not quite as budget as the 520, but not quite as expensive as the 1020.

Unlike the 1020 though, it does feature expandable storage, so you can get as many photos/videos/music on there as you like.

Like the Lumia phones before it, the 625 will come in a wide range of colours, with orange, yellow, bright green, white and black all on the cards, although it won’t stop there as Nokia will also allow you to add changeable shells to make your phone your own.

Specs aren’t that impressive, with a 1.2GHz dual core processor, as well as 512MB of RAM — although Nokia’s aim with this device are consumers who want 4G and to consume lots of content but don’t want to pay a bomb.

The camera isn’t as impressive as other Lumia phones, with a measly 5 megapixel sensor, although it should do the job if you just want to take a few snapshots and share them onto your social network of choice.

If you’re familiar with the design of the Lumia 625, then it’s no surprise, it follows the same design language as previous Lumia smartphones — although with a little twist.

Nokia has brought something truly special to the Lumia 625, with the addition of a translucent polycarbonate, which Nokia promises will bring a little “magic” to the phone, with colours given a distinctive glow from within.

Smart Cam and Cinemagraph will launch with the device, but there’s no Pro Cam on-board, something that is going to remain exclusive to the higher end Lumias.

The Lumia 625 should go on sale in September, with O2, EE, Vodafone, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse all planning on stocking it.

With 4G networks set to be coming to networks other than EE later this year, it could be a perfect choice for those budget conscious phone buyers.

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