Nokia N8 delayed until October?

Jonathan Morris
August 16, 2010

We don’t normally base release dates on what online retailers say, but when a date can move by over a month, we have to take some notice. published a release date of August 26th, which was then widely reported on technology blogs and forums. If true, perhaps Nokia stood a good chance of capturing some sales ahead of a range of new devices from a number of manufacturers in the run up to Christmas – including more devices from Nokia itself at its Nokia World conference to be held on September 14/15th in London.

Now, it seems the date has slipped to October 8th. If true, that could mean the phone going on sale after Nokia is likely to announce a variant with slide-out QWERTY keyboard. This will almost mark a repeat of the crazy situation where Nokia began to ship the N97 after it had already announced the pending release of the smaller N97 mini.

We’ve asked Nokia for a clarification and will hopefully be able to give more information shortly.

Update @ 2043 GMT: Nokia has come back with a rather short statement saying: “The Nokia N8 will be released by the end of Q3.”

So there you have it! End of Q3 is the end of September, so it would seem that the new date is most likely correct.

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