Nokia Lumia commands 86.9% of all Windows Phone 8 devices

Jordan O'Brien
August 20, 2013

Windows Phone continues to grow month-on-month, yet only one manufacturer seems to be benefitting from that massive growth — with Nokia still commanding 86.9% of all Windows Phone 8 sales according to AdDuplex.

The Lumia 520 is currently the most popular Lumia device, commanding 18% of all Windows Phone sales globally — which shouldn’t come as a surprise given Nokia’s popularity in emerging markets.

Nokia’s first “PureView” smartphone also seems to be very popular, with the Lumia 920 making up 11% of all Windows Phone sales.

Nokia has continued to grow its Windows Phone marketshare in recent months, with it adding 1.5% more this month when compared to last month.

The Finnish company has only harmed one manufacturer though, with HTC the only company reporting a fall, whilst Huawei and Samsung both grew 0.1%.

In the US, Verizon has managed to own the Windows Phone market, despite having been slow to adopt the OS. AT&T on the other hand, who has carried Nokia’s flagships exclusively, is still second place.

T-Mobile was the biggest carrier to report growth in the US though, with a 4% rise, whilst the others fell slightly.

The Lumia 1020 is currently only available in the US, with sales already higher than that of Lumia 928.

Whilst Windows Phone 8 continues its upwards trajectory, Windows Phone 7 continues to shed its marketshare. It’s not doing it as quickly as Microsoft might have hoped though, with less than two thirds of all Windows Phone devices running Windows Phone 8.

Interestingly, Windows Phone 7 still makes up the majority of devices in Argentina and the Baltics — with the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 being top in the respective markets.

Source: AdDuplex

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