Nokia Lumia 630 hits UK end of May, will retail for £89

Saqib Shah
May 20, 2014

The entry-level smartphone wars are officially underway, with Nokia announcing the release of its Moto E rival, the Lumia 630, in the UK and Europe.

The Windows Phone handset will hit these shores on 29 May and will retail for £89, the same as the Motorola Moto E – which itself was announced last week.

For that price, you get a colourful 4.5-inch device with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, a 5-megapixel camera, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and a 1830mAh battery.

For comparison, that’s less RAM but more internal storage than the Moto E.

Obviously the biggest difference between the two devices is the OS, and most buyers will have to choose based on whether they prefer Android or Windows.


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