Nokia Lumia 525 incoming to replace 520?

Jamie Feltham
October 1, 2013

Nokia announced that it was to sell its devices division to Microsoft just under a month ago now, and it would seem that the company is rushing to push as many phones out as it can before the deal carries through.

As such, today we’re hearing about the Nokia Lumia 525, a supposed incremental update to the Lumia 520. Internet leaks outlet evleaks has posted on its Twitter account that, put simply, “Nokia Glee = Lumia 525”. The Glee was not a device that incorporated a cheesy US drama, rather a phone that we’ve heard about in previous leaks.

We’re not sure on any specifics for the 525, but it’s not hard to imagine where the improvements might come from.

Right now the 520 sits comfortably as one of the most popular Windows Phones out there, so a successor was kind of a given. As for its official announcement, well, it sure would make sense to reveal all at that upcoming Nokia World event, wouldn’t it?

Source: evleaks via Phone Arena

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