Nokia launches new ‘X’ range of hybrid Android phones

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February 24, 2014

Nokia has today unveiled a new family of smartphones that feature a hybrid Android-Windows Phone operating system.

The Nokia X, X+ and XL – priced at ‚¬89, ‚¬99 and ‚¬109 respectively –  are aimed at emerging, or growth, markets and for the first time allow owners of Windows Phone devices to download and use Android applications.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia’s Executive Vice President of Devices and Services Stephen Elop said the decision to use Android as a base for the ‘X’ range platform was taken after discussions with developers, who found the idea of creating applications across both operating systems attractive.

The phones’ feature Windows Phone ‘live tiles’ and divert users to Microsoft and Nokia services ‘ such as Bing and HERE maps ‘ rather than Google’s.

The Nokia X costs ‚¬89 and will be available immediately in emerging markets. The Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will be available from Q2 (April ‘ June) and are priced at ‚¬99 and ‚¬109 respectively.

The Nokia X has a four-inch screen and three megapixel camera. The phone and its sibling the Nokia X+ will be available in green, red, cyan, yellow, balck and white.

The Nokia XL has a five-inch display, five megapixel rear camera and two megapixel front-facing camera. All three phones have dual-core processors and support dual-SIM, allowing users to switch SIM cards.

Elop said: “The Nokia X family serves the fast growing markets, emerging markets. They will generally be priced lower than the Lumia range.”

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