Nokia Now Has The Largest Portfolio of Digital Health Products

Thomas Wellburn
June 20, 2017

Nokia has today announced that all Withings products are now available under the parent company branding, in-store and online.

The handset manufacturer, who’s smartphone division is now owned by HMD global, has been in the process of transitioning products from the acquired Withings brand over to the Nokia name. Nokia first announced plans to acquire French health product manufacturer Withings back in April 2016 for $191 million. Following the purchase in June 2016, Withings co-founder and CEO Cedric Hutchings was made head of a new Digital Health business unit at Nokia. It was announced that the Withings product line would be re-branded under the smartphone manufacturers name, giving Nokia the largest porftfolio of digital health products overnight.

Today, this re-branding period has come to an end, with Withings now completely dissolved into the Nokia name. Trackers, scales, vital health products and watches will now be available in-store and online through the Nokia website. This also includes leading retailers worldwide such as Amazon, Dixons and John Lewis. The smartphone manufacturer also stated that Apple will soon be featuring the products in-store and online. You may remember that they removed all Withings products from the Apple store shortly after their June 2016 acquisition, as the two companies were caught up in a considerable legal battle over patent infringement.

All of these products will integrate with the Nokia Health Mate application, which is getting a refresh to coincide with the transition. Much like other health apps on the market, it collects user data from connected each device to provide insights and trends on weight, activity, sleep and blood pressure. You can get the new Health Mate app now on iOS and Android.

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