Nokia Glance Screen not coming to all Lumia phones

Jordan O'Brien
July 22, 2013

It turns out Nokia Glance Screen isn’t coming to all Windows Phone 8 smartphones from the Finnish phone manufacturer after all, as those budget conscious users will be left out, with both the 520 and 521 not receiving Glance Screen in the Amber update.

CEO Stephen Elop recently touted the strength of the Lumia 520’s sales globally, with places like the UK, US and China all reporting strong sales of the entry-level Lumia.

It comes as no surprise that Nokia has implemented this restriction, as it has a history of keeping some features away from budget handsets — usually due to the cheaper components.

Of course they’re not the only Lumia phones not getting the update, with Windows Phone 7.8 users also left out, being forced to endure turning on their screens to see the time.

Source: WPCentral

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