Nokia brings NFC to Museum of London

Jonathan Morris
August 18, 2011

Nokia is allowing visitors to the Museum of London to try out NFC technology, by scanning a NFC equipped mobile phone against a series of smart tags located throughout both the City of London and Docklands sites.

Nokia is currently in the process of enabling the NFC chip in the Nokia C7 as part of the Symbian Anna OS update, but the project allows the use of other handsets with NFC chips, such as the Google Nexus S and the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Visitors will be able to use NFC to access vouchers for the museum’s shop and cafes, book tickets for future exhibitions and learn more about exhibits by scanning a tag alongside.

NFC technology also allows easy Facebook ‘likes’ and Foursquare ‘check-ins’ by simply touching a tag, as well as jumping straight to specific websites or videos for exclusive content. More details of the uses of NFC, besides secure payments which isn’t yet available, can be found at Nokia’s NFC Hub.


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