Nvidia Tegra K1 announced, runs PS4, One engine on smartphones

Jamie Feltham
January 6, 2014

CES doesn’t get ‘officially’ underway for a little while yet but that hasn’t stopped Nvidia from announcing its latest mobile processor, the Nvidia Tegra K1.

The company revealed the new tech at its press conference this week. The Nvidia Tegra K1 is a high-performance chipset that’s capable of powering game engines that will be used on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Need proof? Nvidia announced that Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 will be used on the chip. They’re responsible for the likes of Gears of War and the flagship Infinity Blade iOS series. The video above shows it in action.

Two models of the Tegra K1 are being used. One is a quad-core 32-bit piece, while the other is a dual-core 64-bit one. The company claims is offers twice the speed of Apple’s A7 chip.

Compatible products will be launching in the first half of the year for the 32-bit version. It will be used in phones, tablets, Android games consoles and should be used in that car-integration we mentioned earlier.

Source: IGN

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