Nike has placed a secret vending machine in New York that trades free merch for FuelBand points

Saqib Shah
July 18, 2014

Are you a Nike FuelBand owner living in New York City?

Then you should put on your fitness tracker and run down to the corner of Delancey and Clinton – at the Manhattan end of the Williamsburg Bridge – and grab some free Nike swag.

In what could be an ingenious marketing move for its ailing wearable, Nike has placed a vending machine in that location that hands out free Nike merchandise – such as t-shirts, socks and hats – in return for FuelBand points.

TechCrunch spotted the location of the machine by searching through relevant Tweets and Instagram photos. Below is an image from the latter social networking app that shows a glimpse of the machine’s surroundings.

Nike insta

However, before you throw own your Nike running shoes and make a mad dash for the door, there a few things you should keep in mind.

As mentioned previously, you will only find official merch such as t-shirts and hats in the machine – so don’t get your hopes up for a pair of Nike Air Max trainers.

Additionally, there have been some online rumblings that the vending machine only counts Fuel points from today. Apparently, items in the Nike vending machine start from around 500 points and the “good stuff” can be purchased for up to 1000+ points. Better start using that FuelBand before you get down there then.

Finally, it has been revealed that the Nike vending machine may change locations at midnight tonight. So, you’re going to have to start running around NYC all over again tomorrow in order to find it. Keep an eye on Nike’s official Twitter page and its Instagram account for hints and tips to its whereabouts?

Just make sure you’re wearing your FuelBand whilst attempting to seek it out!


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