Next-Gen Moto X could use heat pipes for cooling

Thomas Wellburn
December 22, 2015

A leaked image of the rumored next-generation Motorola Moto X has emerged showing a revamped cooling system inside.

Just last week, we reported on some images of what was rumored to be an upcoming variant of the Moto X. The pictures depicted a device that had an aluminium unibody; a far cry from the previous Motorola designs which have usually focused on practicality and functionality over aesthetic appeal.

Today, a fresh image has leaked which depicts certain innards of the device and what to expect inside. It seems that Motorola could be opting for a heatpipe cooling design in future models as a way to dissipate heat. Looking at the arrangement of the pipe, it seems to take heat to a centralized location at the top of the device. Whether there will some form of conductive material integrated into the top of the device to help absorb this, we’re still not sure.


It’s difficult to tell if this and the previous leak are linked in some way, however the addition of a rear-facing speaker grille seems to add credit. Obviously, the pipe is a direct response to the issues caused by the Snapdragon 810, which will most likely be replaced by the next-generation Snapdragon 820 in the new handset.

With Qualcomm reportedly working with Samsung to try and curb the burn in this new chip, we may not need to worry as much about thermal issues this time round. Still, it’s nice to see Motorola taking precautions if this leak turns out to be genuine.

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