Newborn baby sold for an iPhone and a motorbike

Manny Pham
March 7, 2016

Sadly this isn’t a joke, a 19-year-old father sold his infant daughter to buy an iPhone and a motorbike.

The horrible transaction took place a year ago when teenager A Duan discovered he can sell his infant child. He sold his 18-day-old daughter to a stranger for 23,000 yuan, which is equivalent to around £2,500. The incident took place in the city of Tong’an, China. The father found the buyer through WhatsApp equivalent app QQ.

The biological mother was distraught upon discovering what happened and fled. She was later arrested and confessed: “I myself was adopted, and many in my hometown sell their children, because I can’t grow them,” she said, according to reports. “I really didn’t know it was illegal.”

The mother and father did not receive the maximums sentence for their crime. The man received a three year prison sentence and the mother a suspended two and a half years. The reason for not issuing maximum penalties is the difficult circumstances the two were in.

In a weirder twist to the tale, both father and mother were considered unfit to look after the child, with the buyer’s sister continuing to take care of the baby.

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