The new Nvidia Shield Tablet could be the best device for Android mobile gaming

Saqib Shah
July 23, 2014

An Android tablet aimed at hardcore gamers sounds like an anomaly, but that’s exactly what Nvidia has set out to do with its new Shield Tablet.

The device, which hits the US and Canada on July 29, will cost $299 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model and $399 for a 32GB LTE device.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is being advertised as “the ultimate tablet for gamers” and we’re guessing they’re not referring to fans of Bejeweled with that statement.

So what kind of specs does a hardcore gaming tablet require?

The Shield comes packing Nvidia’s 192-core Tegra K1 processor, which the company claims beat the iPad Air and Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 in benchmark tests.

At 8 inches, this is more of a compact slate, which is strange for a tablet geared toward gaming. However, it’s the Shield’s streaming capabilities that may attract a wider crowd of hardcore gamers.

Using a built-in mini HDMI port that outputs a 1080p connection, the Nvidia Shield Tablet  can remotely stream PC games and native Android games to users’ TV sets.

Consequently, for those gamers looking for a more traditional big screen experience, Nvidia is also releasing a Shield wireless controller – which will be sold separately for $59.


Additionally, the company states that the device can pair with up to four controllers, including any Bluetooth controllers that already pair with Android.

The Shield continues Nvidia’s experiments with Android gaming hardware, which started with its handheld; the Shield Portable. The device, which combined the buttons of a gamepad with a 5-inch clamshell screen, was released last year to much confusion regarding its design and chances of success.


Nvidia boasted that the Shield Portable beat expectations but analysts remain unconvinced following the company’s dip in profits in 2013.

Skepticism aside, if you’re interested in grabbing the new Nvidia Shield Tablet it hits US and Canada on 29 July, followed by Europe on 14 August. To get you in the mood, check out the official Nvidia video for the new slate below:


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