New Misfit app brings fitness tracking to the Pebble smartwatch

Saqib Shah
June 25, 2014

Pebble continues to update its e-paper smartwatch, this time in the form of a partnership with Misfit, the company behind the Shine fitness tracker.

Together, they have taken the basic functions of the Shine and introduced them to the Pebble smartwatch in the form of a Misfit app.

The app will work as a pedometer, counting steps and tracking motion. It will also work with an updated Misfit iOS app, arriving soon.

Commenting on future updates for the app, Misfit states that sleep tracking will also be made available as part of a later release.

Currently, the app can’t run in the background and needs to be open in order to carry out its functions. Perhaps this too will be modified at a later date.


Interestingly, however, the two firms are keen to word this new update as a full-blown partnership that will bring a slew of fitness software functions to the Pebble. Consequently, it seems that the smartwatch is keen on keeping up with its fitness focussed competitors – such as the Samsung Gear 2 and upcoming Apple iWatch.

There are already a number of Pebble fitness apps — RunKeeper, Strava, Puma, and others — but there aren’t any that do reliable continuous tracking, as you would get on a fitness band.

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