New interactive tool gives customers a free vehicle health check

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April 5, 2019

  • CarShop launches Vehicle Health Check Tool which shows customers exactly what’s wrong with their car

  • Drivers can see any vehicle faults for themselves, get a personal video from their designated mechanic and review each suggested repair

  • Customers can save time by avoiding unnecessary trips to and from the garage to see what work needs doing

The UK’s number one car supermarket, CarShop is taking a new, innovative approach to vehicle servicing by offering customers a free, interactive vehicle health check.

CarShop’s new Vehicle Health Check Tool allows customers to see the checks that are being done on their car and provides visual insight into the repairs that are being suggested.

Once a customer brings their vehicle in for servicing, they will receive their own, personalised video via email or text.

The video will feature footage of service checks being carried out on the customer’s vehicle, with the mechanic explaining exactly what they’re doing, and why any potential repairs or replacements are recommended.

Once the customer receives the video, they can view it on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Customers will also be presented with a list of suggested repairs and/or replacements based on the issues shown in their vehicle health check video. The list will break down each suggestion, with the urgency of the work indicated by a traffic light colouring system and the cost of each repair.

Customers can then select each item in the list and choose to either accept or decline the suggested work, dependent on how necessary they think it is – putting them in control. Any accepted work will then be carried out on the vehicle by the mechanic.

CarShop’s new approach to servicing gets the customer involved with the process and allows them to see and understand the vehicle health issues for themselves. The new tool also gives power back to customers and allows them to decide which repairs should be carried out and when.

Kirk O’Callaghan, Operations Director at CarShop said: “We’re excited to announce the launch of our new video vehicle health checks which aim to take car servicing to the next level.

“We hope launching this tool will allow our customers to have a better understanding of the work we’re doing to their vehicle, and why it’s important. We want our customers to be in full control of the services we provide and to feel as educated and supported as possible.

“Vehicle health is highly important when it comes to keeping all road users safe, so we feel it’s our responsibility to involve drivers in vehicle health process as much as possible.”

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