Dual Strap System lets you wear TWO smartwatches

Thomas Wellburn
August 15, 2016

The new SINN Dual Strap System will allow you to wear two watch faces at the same time… on the same wrist!

This could perhaps win the award for ‘most unnecessary product accessory ever’…

Ever wanted to wear two smartwatches on the same wrist? Or perhaps a smartwatch and traditional watch at the same time? The SINN Dual Strap System has been designed to allow exactly this, with a simple design allowing two watchfaces on a single strap.

The accessory is comprised of two shortened straps with tightening mechanisms either side. You would presume that the straps will fit any watch that allows replaceable straps but alas, it only ‘officially’ supports SINN watches.

Dual Strap System is as bizarre as it is impractical

Obviously, it’s incredibly gimmicky and quite impractical for real-world use. Strapping the thing around your wrist is one major issue that comes to mind, especially as it essentially ships as separate straps.

We can see what SINN was trying to achieve with the idea, but since when has somebody wanted watch faces on both the top and bottom of their wrist? There’s also a glaring ergonomic issue here which we can’t imagine is all that comfortable. If you’re resting the hand on a desk, does this mean you’ll have a watch face constantly digging into your wrist?

The Dual Strap System can be purchased now through the SINN website and no, this is not an April fools.

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