New chip will fully charge phone in 10 minutes

Manny Pham
November 27, 2015

A chip the size of your fingernail has been developed, boasting the ability to charge your phone in ten minutes.

The chip has been developed by Professor Rachid Yazami of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NUS). If proven to be the real deal, smartphone batteries might no longer be the most inferior part of a device.

With it’s diminutive size , the chip can be implemented in most batteries. Dr Yazami has already started holding talks with Tesla to include his technology. On the smartphone front there has been talks with Sony and Samsung. Dr Yazami claims the battery has a reduced risk of battery fires, the battery took five years to develop.

“Although the risk of a battery failing and catching fire is very low, with the billions of lithium-ion batteries being produced yearly, even a one-in-a-million chance would mean over a thousand failures,” he said.

A unique algorithm ensures optimisation, it measures exactly how much power is left. The chip is paired with a smaller chip to ensure optimal charging.

Dr Yazami explained: “Current chargers do not take into account the health of a battery when charging it. They send the same amount of charge regardless of the battery’s condition. With this chip, the charge can be regulated to avoid damaging the battery.”

NUS has stated the chip should be ready for licensing by chipmakers and battery manufacturers by the end of 2016.

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