NAVTEQ Natural Guidance gives navigation a human touch

Jonathan Morris
September 3, 2010

NAVTEQ Natural Guidance is set to totally change the way we receive guidance on navigation devices, by using descriptive reference cues that reflect the way real people would give directions to each other.Instructions like ‘turn right in 50 metres along the High Street’ or ‘turn right at the traffic lights’ are more likely to be spoken by a real person. When given instructions based on distinctive points of interest and landmarks, you can keep driving and look for these visual references to see exactly when to take a turn.

As a mapping company, NAVTEQ does not provide its own navigation software. Instead, the company provides maps to the likes of Nokia (the owner of the company), Garmin and many others. Some, or all, are likely to incorporate this technology on future navigation devices and software.

Natural Guidance is currently available for Berlin, Chicago, National Capital Region of Delhi, London, Los Angeles, New York, Munich and Paris. NAVTEQ plans to add more cities through Europe, North America and Asia Pacific by the end of 2011.

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