Navigon MobileNavigator 7 conquers pedestrian zone

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December 18, 2008

Nokia has been pioneering personal navigation for some time, but Navigon has now joined in with its latest application. MobileNavigator 7 works just fine for traditional in-vehicle use, but speed limits and congestion warnings are of little use when you’re not restricted by the rules of the road.

In the new pedestrian mode, unnecessary features are turned off to make way for new ones – including a compass that indicates the direction to your destination as the crow flies, plus the distance exact to the metre. A second arrow indicates the walking direction, so even if you deviate from the planned route you will never lose sight of where you are or need to go. In addition, the software will actively prioritise the use of small lanes, narrow paths and pedestrian-only routes that would never be considered in car mode.

Car users still benefit from the extra features, making the software serve two distinct purposes. In car mode, you get realistic signpost displays, live traffic and safety camera information. All things expected on standalone devices costing much more, although some services like traffic will attract a £19.99 annual subscription fee.

MobileNavigator 7 is compatible with virtually all Symbian powered S60 mobile phones (3rd Edition). It can be downloaded at The software is free of charge for up to 14 days after initial activation. After the test phase, you have three options. 1: Buy one of the eight regional variants for £69.99, for example for UK and Ireland. 2: Choose the Europe variant with 40 countries for £89.99. 3: Enjoy the map view – which remains free of charge – without the navigation options.

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