muvee makes HD video editing on Android a reality

Jonathan Morris
February 14, 2011

With every new smartphone offering HD video capture, muvee Device Solutions Group has created a suite of HD video editing tools to run on Android devices.

The software, which is being pitched to handset makers rather than end users, is designed to offer basic HD editing functions with as little power consumption and processor usage as possible.

Small edits can be made, from simple trimming of files to combining different recordings into one movie. Captions and titles can be added, with audio dubbed on manually or by attaching a music file.

Users will also be able to add transition effects or use trick effects like fast/slow motion, before uploading to YouTube, Facebook or another video hosting site automatically.

The muvee software allows for editing to be carried out without the need to decode and re-encode files, which would take considerable time, making it possible to do editing on the phone without needing to go anywhere near a PC – often in a matter of seconds.

Handset makers will be given the option to license individual modules from the above features, or offer the complete package, which should make it easier to take advantage of the HD video capabilities of the next generation of smartphones.

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