Much-maligned Apple Maps app now updates every single day at midnight

Callum Tennent
July 1, 2014

There’s nothing we can say about Apple Maps that hasn’t already been said a million times over by people a million times angrier than us. The bottom line is that it’s not terribly good – people get misdirected – often off of bridges, misled on diversions of over 500 unnecessary miles, and places of interest simply cease to exist.

This was a while ago though, and aren’t we all entitled to a second chance? Even the most dysfunctional of apps should be allowed to improve, and that’s just what Apple Maps has done. Not only did it receive a big update upon the arrival of iOS 7, but it’s now set to receive a constant flow of updates.  Every single day  constant.

It seems that, in the dead of night, Apple has been quietly going around updating their flagship navigational app for the past couple of weeks or so. These changes take place every single night at 12am Pacific Time – that’s 8am to us here in the UK. These changes are all suggestions put forward by users the day before, be they additional POIs, new junction openings and closures, speed limit changes, or anything else you’d care to name. In fact, these changes over the past month top the number of changes made in the past  two years.

The chances of you caring about this are about one in a million, and we mean that literally. If you haven’t migrated to Google Maps yet though, then kudos to you as it seems like your persistence is finally starting to pay dividends. A legitimately functional, competitive Apple Maps would be a fantastic thing to have given its natural integration within iOS and its other applications, so here’s hoping that Apple keeps it up.


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