8 useful apps to boost your smartphone privacy in 2021

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January 12, 2021

Don’t know how to protect your smartphone from cyber-attacks? Do you want your confidential data not to be seen by third parties? Our article is just for you. Experts reveal the top 8 applications for protecting your smartphone.

Your Smartphone Privacy – Top Applications

“Smart” phones have long turned from exotic to everyday devices, which are practically indispensable. Simultaneously, the more functions a smartphone has, the more personal and essential information is stored on it, which has always been a welcome prey for cybercriminals. Passwords from mobile banking, sending paid SMS, the ability to mine, access to private data – all these hackers can get by hacking your smartphone, but you should take care of your privacy phone. Security apps will help you put a reliable barrier in their path and protect you from threats on the Internet. In the article below, you will learn where and how to download applications, what IP is, and how to hide it, what you need to protect your personal data on your smartphone.

Access Dots

IOS 14 introduces an anti-spyware feature that shows a special indicator on the iPhone or iPad at the moment when an application is using a microphone or camera. Thus, the user knows that his phone is recording sound or video and takes care of phone security. There is no such feature in Android, but there are many third-party applications with similar functionality. One of them is Access Dots. This is a free program that shows a simple dot at a user-selected corner of the screen. The dot appears when some third-party application activates the microphone or camera of the smartphone. Next, you need to check the list of running applications and understand which of them can write sound or video and turn it off.


Every smartphone owner needs a powerful and reliable VeePN with a huge network. The application uses 256-bit encryption, which is virtually impossible to crack, and double VPN tunneling technology. VPN has been operating in the service market for a very long time and is a registered company. The service finding out the IP address, protect it from leaks, has a high work speed, and supports service available around the clock. Services do not give out their users’ personal data, and everyone can write to the manager – I want to hide my IP.

Why do I need a VPN on my smartphone:

  1. It is bypassing the blockages, which are so fond of the governments of different countries.
  2. Access to sites, due to complete misunderstanding, is not available in the country.
  3. It protects your data because all information is transmitted via VPN in encrypted form.

Let’s say you’re in a cafe with free Wi-Fi. An attacker connected to the same network costs nothing with hacking tools to steal your password from mail or, even worse, online banking. VeePN is a useful application for anyone who wants to keep their data confidential. You can try the free trial and learn about the benefits.


Jumbo is a popular app in 2021 that allows users to quickly and easily manage privacy settings on social networks. This application is available for Android and iOS owners. After downloading, the application prompts you to scan the social network you are using. You can also request an analysis of such programs as Facebook Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Twitter, and Amazon to understand any information leaks.

To actively use the application, the user must log in through the application using the social network. For example, log in through Google. The application’s privacy policy states that the program does not collect any user data. After Jumbo scans the selected social networks, the application will issue cards with data. Users can ignore cards, or users can choose the Auto Delete function. By selecting this function, all application data will be deleted.


GlassWire is a simple network monitoring tool with a built-in firewall to allow ML to deny Internet access for applications. The GlassWire installation is clean, and there is no need to be afraid of installing third-party programs. When the app is loaded, you get a window with necessary information about how much data is being loaded and unloaded and some other options in the form of icons, window tabs, and menu tabs. The main focus of the main window is on the graph, which shows the loaded data over time. The X-axis of the graph is when it passes, and the Y-axis is the amount of data being loaded and loaded.

Norton App Lock

Norton is a big name when it comes to antivirus applications. This time, they presented a free tool to set a password for applications. This uses a 4-digit PIN, alphanumeric password, or pattern. This is an excellent tool for those who don’t like unnecessary complications. Norton automatically takes a photo of someone trying to guess a password. Norton provides guidance on which apps it thinks should be blocked.


Fing is a program designed for network scanning and checking of connected devices. The program is also capable of doing speed tests and detecting connection problems. To actively use the Fing program, you must register. To speed up this process, you can log into the application via Google or Facebook. After registration, the program will give information about the state of the network on the main screen. You can also run a scan to find out more detailed information. The program can easily detect a new network trying to connect to the device and warn you to provide a context for the connection. This phrase implies that you need to specify the type of network: home, office, rental, public. After this action, the application will give more accurate information.

Alfred Home Security Camera

With Home Security Camera Alfred, you can record or monitor any activity at the current time. When the software is installed, the person must log in to their Google account and select one of the application modes. One mode is called “Camera.” After choosing it, the device works as a tracking device that reacts to movement in front of the smartphone and records the room’s actions. With real-time surveillance, you can keep track of young children. The “Screen” mode is suitable for this.


Bouncer – helps to issue temporary permissions to applications. For example, an application asks for access to media or a microphone. With the help of Bouncer, you temporarily grant this right, and when you close the application, the right is automatically taken away. The Bouncer is a useful application in modern conditions, when any program, even if it is a calculator, for some reason requires access to many resources and functions of a mobile gadget. Bouncer helps you limit or customize such situations in more detail, specify what and when you can, what is completely forbidden, and so on. Convenient and visual design will not create any difficulties in implementing the plan and will provide users with a high-security level.

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