Motorola’s Moto Maker lets you create a purple and bamboo Moto X, and it’s now available in the UK

Callum Tennent
September 18, 2014

Moto Maker was a privilege previously reserved only for those lucky enough to be born in the US of A. Motorola’s customisation suite has now landed in the UK, though, and it’s a tonne of fun.

A bit like how Nike ID lets you create customised sneakers, Moto Maker lets you do the same for your Motorola handset. Right now the only device available is the Moto X – the next generation of the Moto X, that is, which won’t be out until the end of this September.

If you are set on picking up Motorola’s latest flagship, you may as well get one designed precisely to your tastes. Using Moto Maker you can choose from nine different customisation options, as well as creating a case (should you so desire).

Aesthetic choices make up the bulk of the customisation options. You can decide whether you want the face of your Moto X to be black or white, what metallic veneer you want the trim to be and, most importantly, what you want the back panel to look like.

Or perhaps we should say what you want it to be made of. As well as a whole spectrum of colours – both bold and bright or subtle shades of grey, you can also choose from a range of exotic materials. There’s four different shades of real leather, and four different real wood finishes. If you’re sick of your smartphone looking just like everybody else’s then this is something of a dream come true.

You can also have the back engraved (as long as it’s nothing rude. Of course we tried). It can come pre-synchronised with your Google account so that it’s ready to go for you straight out of the box, and you can customise the start-up greeting as well.

Then there’s the choice of internal memory – either 16GB or 32GB. The 32GB option will cost you more though, as will crafting the rear case out of leather or wood. The pricing on the Moto X starts at £419.99, which isn’t an extortionate price for a flagship. Adding a premium option here or there shouldn’t bankrupt you if you can already afford the basic model.

You can check it out for yourself on Motorola’s site right here. Even if you’re not in the market for a Moto X it’s still fun to play around with. Who knows? Maybe it’ll win you over for next time.

Note: This article originally stated that the Moto X pricing started at £459.99. That has since been corrected to reflect the actual price.

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