Motorola’s ‘day in the life’ photoshoot with ZN5

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November 20, 2008

To promote the 5-megapixel Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5 cameraphone, Motorola challenged eight up and coming photographers from all around the world to capture moments that showed a “day in the life” of their home cities in a special photoshoot that took place over a 24-hour period.

During this time, the photographers produced a collection of images that encapsulated the essence of Beijing, London, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Sao Paulo and Sydney.

The ZN5 is the first product to combine innovation from Motorola and Kodak.



From Motorola’s own press release:

Photographers feedback on the experience:

Matt Baker, London: Matt Baker is the co-founder and director of BAMM London, a photography and video company that focuses on visual thinking and visual brand identity.

“The panoramic function is really cool and very easy. It’s also very good fun to be able to manipulate the shots on the handset by cropping, re-coloring and adding borders.”

Yulia Borodina, Moscow: Borodina is an upcoming artist to watch, having won first place in the Glamart category of the 2007 Student Photo Biennale. She is so popular with fans online that they have created a collage of her photos entitled ‘A Girl with Her Own Secrets.’

“I was surprised that ZN5 was ready to take a photo every time I opened the lens – it was a very short time from “stand by” to “ready to shoot!”

Phillip Angert, New York: Angert’s incorporation of stop-motion animated stills, rich colored light-painting and electric photo shoots have been published in Vogue, Spin, TimeOut, Paper, Fader, Dazed and Confused, W, Architectural Digest, New York Magazine, and many others.

“The instantaneous transition from casually talking on the phone to shooting with the ZN5 as a high-quality camera allows the photographer to capture moments and experiences without having to think about it.”

Cysrus Dastur, Mumbai: Dastur finds inspiration by combining his two great passions – travel and photography – which enables him to show the beauty and ugliness of other cultures as he experiences them.

“The ZN5’s color contrast and sharpness stood out and caught my eye. I’m really impressed with the technology that’s gone into this model. On a personal note, I would rate the ZN5 far superior in terms of the 5 megapixel camera’s image quality, clarity, flash output and sharpness.”

Alex Bloom, Sydney: At just 19 years of age, Alex is one of Australia’s most exciting young photographers and the recent winner of the prestigious My Sydney Now photography competition.

“I think people will love this phone as it’s perfect for taking pictures and uploading them straight onto social networking sites.”

Daniel Arantangy, Sao Paulo
Daniel has spent the past decade as a professional photographer, focusing on fashion editorials and his true passion – portraits, winning the Epson Photography award amongst other plaudits.

“My inspiration was the passage of time, the speed at which things happen, the particular and unique people and situations that are, after all, what define the city.”

Fernanda Roel – Mexico City
Fernanda focuses on personal exhibitions as well as editorial and corporate campaign work. Her latest project “14 EJERCICIOS DE COLABORACIÓN,” will go on exhibition in San Ildefonso Museum in Mexico City in February 2009.

“I want people to see the diversity of Mexico City. I love the mixture and all the options the city offers.”

Jonathan Leijonhufvud – Beijing
Leijonhufyud’s work has been published in IdN Magazine, New York Review of Magazines, Time, Vogue China, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan China, Vasava, Modern Weekly, 1626, Time Out and Vision 21.

“I hope some of Beijing’s many contrasts can come to the surface and be cast in an impartial light.”



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