Motorola XOOM gets microSD activation with Android 3.1 update

Jonathan Morris
August 9, 2011

The Motorola XOOM is now getting the official Android OS 3.1 update, which activates the memory card slot to allow for an additional 32GB of storage to be added if required.

Motorola has also detailed the other updates that come with 3.1, which can be updated now over-the-air.

Key highlights for Android 3.1 include:

  • Improved multi-tasking providing instant visual access to a larger number of applications
  • Resizable home screen widgets which can be expanded horizontally and/or vertically to include more content,
  • Both keyboard and mouse support, which allows simultaneous input for devices over USB and/or Bluetooth® (in any combination)
  • Picture transfer directly from camera, so users can connect their cameras over USB and import their pictures to the Gallery with a single touch
  • Support for most PC joysticks and gamepads that connect over USB or Bluetooth
  • New high-performance Wi-Fi lock lets applications maintain high-performance Wi-Fi connections even when the device screen is off
  • Preloaded Adobe® Flash® Player, as well as File Manager.

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