Motorola updating phones to Android 4.4, duh

Jordan O'Brien
November 1, 2013

You may have heard that Google is launching a new version of the Android operating system called Android 4.4 KitKat. Of course that update will be available first on the Nexus line of devices, including the brand spanking new Nexus 5 which was announced last night. It’s not just the Nexus devices getting it though, Google’s own pet project, Motorola, is also planning on updating a huge swath of devices with the latest Android flavour.

The devices set to get a dash of chocolatey goodness are all the Moto X variant, obviously, and a range of Droid devices — such as the Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx. If your device isn’t listed, then unless you own a Droid Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD or Razr M, you won’t be getting the Android 4.4 update — sorry.

There aren’t any release dates as of yet, but it’s likely if you’ve just bought Motorola’s latest and greatest, then you won’t have to wait too long.

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