Motorola UK GM quits as nobody told him about Lenovo acquisition

Callum Tennent
April 15, 2014

Walking out of your job on seven years on the spot would rarely be considered a rational response to developments at the office. That’s just what Motorola UK General Manager Andrew Morley did yesterday though, and understandably so, as it turns out that he was only informed of the company’s sale to Lenovo  thirty minutes before the deal was publicly announced.

Of his seven years with the American telecommunications giant, the past four had been spent as the head honcho for the UK and Ireland, so you can certainly understand his expectancy to have been kept within the loop a little better. Morley cited the prospect of working for a company like Google was the primary reason he stuck around following Motorola’s purchase by Google in 2011, but with that incentive gone he reckons others will follow him out the door.

General Manager of European Operators Nick Muir will take over Morley’s role on an interim basis until a replacement can be sourced. In the meantime, Morley will be volunteering at a homeless shelter in Watford, Hertfordshire. He says that he’s already been offered MD and European Marketing Directorial roles at “mobile associated businesses” but both declined to name or accept them.

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