Motorola Droid 2 release in US; Milestone 2 for UK?

Jonathan Morris
August 10, 2010

Motorola has announced the Droid 2, the replacement to the phone known as the Milestone worldwide.

The question now is, will the CDMA phone built-for Verizon, using the ‘Droid’ name licensed exclusively to the American network, be released in 3G-form as the Milestone 2 and get a proper release on any of the UK networks?

And what has actually changed on the phone? Well, surprisingly little.

Obviously the phone will ship with Android 2.2, which means you’ve got support for Adobe Flash 10.1 – but the existing Droid is getting 2.2 too. In addition, it seems increasingly likely, following a Tweet from Motorola Germany, that the Milestone will be getting FroYo after all – and, even if it isn’t rolled out to the UK models straight away, as long as at least one 3G build is available, it’s a very simple process to load the ROM from another region.

But, back to the Droid 2. There’s now 8GB of on-board memory, in addition to the 8GB memory card that ships in the box (but you can of course add a 32GB to max it out at 40GB overall). There’s also a new design keyboard, with a more tactile feel and four cursor keys replacing the previous D-pad.

The Droid 2 also ships with Swype, the innovative alternative to tapping out individual letters on the on-screen keyboard. Android 2.2 also allows the phone to operate as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (but, worryingly, Verizon wants US customers to shell out $20 per month to use it).

The screen is unchanged in resolution (480×854 pixels) and size (3.7-inches). Flip the phone over and you’ll still have the 5-megapixel camera, with LED flash.

So, all things considered, there’s little to entice existing Milestone owners to upgrade, but given that the Milestone was never officially released here (instead, you got it from or maybe Carphone Warehouse if you were lucky), the official release of a Milestone 2 could work wonders for Motorola, which is also selling the Milestone XT720 (with HD video and an 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, but no keyboard) without the support of network distribution.

As soon as we hear more about a UK/Europe release, we’ll let you know.

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